Acouslime 3 in 1

  • Moisture barrier and adhesive in one – up to 85Relative Humidity when installed per installation guide.
  • SMP – silane-modified polymer technology adhesive – ready to use straight from the container.
  • Suitable for solid timber, engineered timber and parquet flooring on most compliant substrates per ATFA recommendations.
  • Very Low VOC – contains no isocyanides or solvents- certified DIN EN 13556 compliant (European standard for flooring adhesives).
  • Ease of clean up with damp cloth while wet.
  • Available in 16kg pales and 600ml sausages.

Pack Size: 16kg Drum
: 44 Drums
Coverage: 12-13m2

Acouslime 4 in 1

Acouslime 3 in 1 – Sausage

V Notch Trowel

Acouslime Moisture Seal

Acouslime 3 in 1 – Sausage
Acouslime 4 in 1